About Me

Well hello.

My biggest fear in starting this blog was (is) that I would be lost in the masses of other remarkably talented people doing this very same thing. And then I remembered a simple piece of advice a friend once gave me over some amazing Mexican food. She told me, “Linds, you may be talking about something a lot of people are talking about, but no one else has your voice.  Now just do it, and pass the nachos.” So, here I am.

My name is Lindsay, I have two young, crazy, wonderful, patience-testing little kids, Leston and Jovie. Leston has a strong familial name, created from the blending of my husband’s two grandfathers, Lester and Langdon. Jovie is named after a character in a Will Ferrell movie. Elf, anyone? They are my world.

The other big part of my world, the very handsome and studly part, is my husband, Brandon. We met in culinary school about eight years ago and life has been delicious ever since.

My passions have always been numerous, but I think I can narrow it down by saying that I live to make environments as beautiful as possible. That may mean a single lit candle and a delicious pot roast, where the beauty lies in the simplicity of a cozy meal that warms your soul. It may mean decking the halls for Christmas in a way that would do Charles Dickens proud. Whatever it is, my biggest joys have always come from creating environments that make people happy. My hope for this page is that I might give a small piece of that to you.