Jovie’s Room (the kids’ rooms, part 2)

There’s just nothing else as dreamy as a little girl’s bedroom. While I absolutely loved every single second of decorating Leston’s room, something in me just sang when it came to Jovie’s. Throughout the process I found I kept saying to myself, “Ahh, I would have loved this when I was a little girl!” or “Oh, I remember how magical this was!” I love to play in there with her because I think, somewhere deep down, we’re all still little girls twirling our pretty skirts in our bedroom mirrors. We all love the idea of curling up in a beautiful bed, complete with frilly pink pillows and being whisked away to a magical world in a good fairy tale. Growing up and becoming an adult doesn’t actually take any of that away. It just hides it for awhile. Daughters uncover it and give it back to us.

Like her big brother’s room, Jovie’s room is full of sentiment and meaningful pieces. The very first thing I made for Jovie, while I was still pregnant with her, was this piece. It is made from crocheted doilies my grandmother

 made while she was alive. Neither of my children had a chance to meet her, but she and I were very close. Jovie is partially named after her, both of their middle names being Emmaline. And it is under Mrs. Mary Emmaline’s beautiful doilies that Miss Jovie Emmaline sleeps and dreams beautiful dreams. It is under those doiles we pray every night and sing “Amazing Grace”, Grandma’s favorite hymn. Every time I look at this piece I ache to hug my Grandma again, but smile in the knowledge that she is watching over us from her Heavenly home. 

Also like in Leston’s room, I made a name sign for Jovie. For hers, I found some thin mdf letters at a craft store, and mod podged onto them some pretty scrapbooking paper. I then hot glued the letters onto an old board I’d painted and stained, and hung with a simple piece of rope. I love the way it turned out- rustic, yet very feminine.

I read somewhere that lighting is the “jewelry of the home”, and find myself quoting it back frequently, most often to my husband, who is usually the one to replace yet another light fixture (thanks, babe!). Beautiful lighting, though, does transform a room and the effects are totally worth the time and effort. Every single light fixture in our home has been replaced from what I suspect was very posh in ’95 to more rustic, romantic, inviting fixtures.  Jovie’s room is no exception. Her room is adorned with not one, but two chandeliers. One in the center of the room, a very girly floral chandelier, and one over what will soon be her reading nook (window seat to be installed soon). The floral chandelier I found at a local thrift store for a mere $10, and the crystal teardrop chandelier was an Amazon steal at $20. I spray painted the base copper from its original silver, which matched the look of the room a little better. It comes disassembled so this was no problem at all. Both of which I love. They add so much beauty to her room!

Jovie’s bed was (surprise, surprise) also a thrifted find. I’m kicking myself for not taking any “before” photos of this thing, because it was a doozy. Normally, I love to preserve any original artwork on a piece, but this thing was just simply hideous. In the center of the headboard (where I’ve now put Jovie’s initials) was quite the 70’s gem- a mustard yellow and seafoam green floral mess that simply needed to be put out of its misery. I was happy to oblige. I painted over the whole thing in a pretty antique white, then distressed with sandpaper. Using leftover wooden crafting letters from my mailbox tutorial, I attached the letters J & P over the center emblem. I just love the way it turned out! All for less than $50, paint and other supplies included.

A little tip I want to give all new parents- don’t buy a changing table! I’ve never quite understood the appeal of this particular piece of furniture. You spend an awful lot of money on it, only use it for a short time, and then what? It’s garage sale fodder? No, thank you. 

What I suggest, and what I’ve done with both of my children, is to buy a (hopefully, thrifted) lovely dresser that your child will use into their high school years. Top the thing with a changing pad, and call it a day. For now, you can use the top drawers for all of the things you’ll need- diapers, creams, lotions, wipes, etc. and then you’re left with a pretty piece of furniture you can continue to enjoy for years to come, well past potty-training. It’s a no-brainer. Jovie’s dresser/diaper station was a Goodwill find that just needed a bit of love and paint. It’s truly a beautiful piece of furniture, and one that I have no intention of getting rid of any time soon. So ditch the changing table, friends! It’s a scam!

The vibe of a room comes from the pieces within it, and the love with which those pieces were put there. What is the saying? That God is in the details? I’m not sure about the expression, but there’s certainly something to be said about the small details that give a room its finesse. This little owl lamp, for one. I found it at TJ Maxx and HAD to have it. It’s such a small, silly thing, but it makes such huge impact. Or these adorable alphabet cards over the dresser? One of Jovie’s very favorite things in the house. She loves to point out all of the animals and tell me what noises they make.

Find the things that make you happy, and run with them. It is the combination of the new things you find (like the silly owl lamp) and the older, sentimental things, like this shadow box filled with my own, my mom’s and my grandma’s baby things, that make a room special.

I can only hope that one day, when Jovie is designing a room for her child, she captures as much joy as I have in the process. I can only pray that this room become her special place of joy and laughter. That here, she grows and matures into the person she’s made to be. It is with so much love this room was made for you, little Jo.

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